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CMB Capital offer the sevices of: Chinese Funds invest in Global Area; Foreign Funds invest in Chinese Area.

Business Consultant

CMB Capital offer Enterprise investment consultant, enterprise management consulting, enterprise market development guidance, overseas investment and Global Merger and acquisition consultation.

Import & Export

CMB Capital offer financial supports on import & Export business. We deal with many different products international market promotion, and assist Chinese company to import goods from global market.

Assets Management

Overseas business investigation, overseas real estate investment, overseas immigration and other services. We can help our clients manage overseas assets, and pursue the maximization of asset returns.

About Us

We should be a long-term partner satisfied with entrepreneurs to support and promote the innovation and growth of enterprises; we should be a good platform for employees' satisfaction, gather and achieve excellent talents to realize their dreams "as our mission and vision, adhere to the original intention of venture investment, grow together with many small and medium-sized enterprises representing the direction of China's economic development China's venture capital industry and multi-level capital market grow together and make new achievements on the road of sustainable development!

Investment Stages and Channels

  • Investment Stages:

    Seed Stage, Early Stage, Growth Stage , Pre-IPO.

  • Five Channels:

    Brand brings abundant resources; Professional teams explore investment opportunities in the very industry they focus; Branch offices all over the country; Discover potential investee companies throughout the industrial chain; Form a long-term partnership with intermediaries.

  • Investment System


    Excellent management team; Industry with rapid growth and sizable market potential; Encouraged by the government; Innovative business model; Unique and/or leading technology; Leading position in the industry or sub-sectors; Clear ownership structure, no legal obstacles for IPO.

  • INVESTMETN Fields:

    TMT; Intelligent Manufacturing and Robot; Clean Tech, Renewable Energy such as Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric Power Plants, etc; Consumer Products and Services; Health Care ; Modern Agriculture; Real Estate, etc.

  • Fund-raising

  • Fund-raising: Successful fund raising is the premise of investment success. We adhers to the concept of “To create wealth for LP" and "LP benefit maximization" and ” to be the most satisfactory GP" . So far, CMB Capital has raised 12 RMB funds, 2 USD fund, with total RMB 10 Billion fund under the management.

  • Three Risk Management

    Risk control is always CMB Capital’s first concern in its decision-making process. CMB Capital takes the lead to integrate the idea of risk management into enterprise culture and promotes the establishment of full staff risk management as the core of overall quality control.

  • Management Systems

  • All directional management systems: investment management regulation、equity management regulation、investment departments performance evaluation & incentive regulation、risk management department performance evaluation & incentive regulation.

  • We can also offer the sevices of: Chinese Funds invest in Global Area; Foreign Funds invest in Chinese Area;

  • Clients


    To be a fund manager satisfied with investors, make good use of and manage every cent; To be a long-term partner satisfied with entrepreneurs, support and promote the innovation and growth of enterprises; To be a good platform for employees' satisfaction, gather and achieve outstanding talents to realize their dreams.


    Holding long-term, professional and value investment, making money for the growth of enterprises, growth is the soul of investment. The only way for us to survive is to refuse mediocrity, to pursue excellence and to create severe vertical specialization. Not simply pursue the maximization of IPO quantity and fund scale, but the best return of fund. Insist on high quality investment and build star fund with star project group. Investment decision-making error is the biggest mistake, continuous optimization and improvement of decision-making mechanism and system. Adhere to the "industry + region" double wheel drive, lead investment by industry and achieve coverage by region. Adhere to reflection and re examination, and resolutely implement the negative list of investment.

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    Contact Us

    If you need our services, please send email to us at info [@] cmbvc.com, we will reply you in 24 hours.